Women’s Book Club – June 2022 Meeting

June 14 7:00 pm  |  Contact the Church Office for location

June 14, 2022: Educating (A Memoir) by LaRee Westover

This book is my memoir—a memoir that for several years now, I have known I would one day write. But let’s set the record straight right here. Part, but only part, of the impetus for writing my memoir at this time, is the publishing of our daughter’s book, Educated.

I want to tell the story of my life as I really lived it. I want my grandchildren to know who their grandmother is and was, and I want to be a force for good in their lives. Also, I feel a compelling desire to shine a light of accuracy on homeschooling, herbal medicine, and the living of a conservative and Christian way of life.

-LaRee Westover